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Phase 0: Foundation (Ongoing)

Phase 0 is an open referral program that invites you and your friends to join us as early ambassadors. As an ambassador, you can refer as many friends as you like. By referring friends, you'll move up the queue. Your referrals in Phase 0 will then be carried over to Phase 1 as GRVT Points for future airdrops.

Key Highlights

  • Leaderboard: Your position on the leaderboard can be advanced by inviting friends. Higher-ranked ambassadors receive more exclusive invite codes for Phase 1, enhancing your point earnings for future airdrops.
  • GRVT Points: The GRVT Point System will be launched in Phase 1. Grow your referrals now to maximize your point earnings, which determine your GRVT airdrop tokens and other future rewards.
  • Referral Signup Bonus: Both you and your direct referral earn a 10-point bonus when signing up with a referral code.
IMPORTANT NOTICE: Our reward program is designed to reward you when your referral conduct trading activity. To qualify as an active account, your referral must meet the minimum trading volume threshold of $50, starting from Phase 2 onwards. Please refer wisely, as referrals of non-active accounts will not accrue rewards.

How to refer

There are three ways to refer a friend, which can be accessed through the Ambassador Dashboard.
  • Referral code: Upon successfully joining, you’ll receive a unique referral code. Refer friends by sharing your referral code, which they need to key in during account creation.
  • Referral link: You can also share your referral link with friends. It’s a direct link to the GRVT website where they can create an account. When they sign up through this link, you'll receive credit for the referral.
  • Content link: Within the Ambassador Dashboard, you'll find a selection of GRVT content. Choose the content you prefer and share the content link with your friends. If they click the link to read the content and subsequently create a GRVT account, you'll receive credit for the referral.


The leaderboard displays the total number of ambassadors and your current position. You can advance your position on the leaderboard by inviting friends. Higher-ranked ambassadors will receive more exclusive invite codes during Phase 1. With more invite codes, you can invite more traders to join Phase 1, which can enhance your point earnings for future airdrops.

GRVT Points

The GRVT Point System will be launched in Phase 1, and the full details will be announced before December.
You can start growing your referrals now to maximize your point earnings in Phase 1 and Phase 2. The points will determine how many GRVT airdrop tokens you’ll receive and other future rewards.
You earn GRVT Points for your direct referrals and second-degree referrals. When Phase 2 begins, you’ll also earn points based on the trading volume of both your direct and second-degree referrals. A high-volume trader will earn you more points – so use your invites wisely!

Referral signup bonus

When you sign up as an early ambassador with a referral code, you’ll earn 10 bonus points. Similarly, your direct referral who signs up with your referral code will also earn 10 bonus points.

Early ambassadors benefits

Our early ambassadors play a vital role in growing our community. As an early member, you'll enjoy special privileges:
GRVT token rewards: When our mainnet launches, you'll be eligible for GRVT token rewards. These tokens will be distributed based on the points you accumulate in Phase 1 and Phase 2.
Consider Phase 0 as your foundation-building phase, setting the stage for greater point gains starting from Phase 1. The more you refer now, the more points you can get from Phase 1 onwards, which will lead to more airdrops. To boost your points, invite active traders or individuals connected to traders. Your points will be determined by the number of your referrals (both direct and second-degree) and their respective trading volume.
Early access: The higher your position on the leaderboard, the sooner you can access our testnet, giving you an early taste of the exchange.
Limited invite codes: During Phase 1, all our ambassadors will receive exclusive invite codes for our limited waitlist. Higher-positioned ambassadors will receive more invite codes.
Future rewards: Stay tuned for additional benefits and perks.


Phase 0 starts from October until December 2023.